Beer Poetry is the New Black

Today’s Beer Haiku was written about Baseball but could well be about cricket. I’m loving all the 20/20 upsets (“don’t cry for me Ricky Ponting!”). So here it is – from the keyboard of Captain Hops:

Oh the sounds of spring
Crack of the bat… roaring crowd
shouts from the beer guy

Glass Tip – Beer Haiku Daily

No doubt inspired by the runaway success of Beer Haiku Fridays at this blog, the Rock have penned “An Ode to Lion Red” on its 100th birthday (apparently).

Celebrating One HundRed Years

Lion Red you legend, one hundred years of beer!
The first drop brewed in Newmarket and still continues there
After a hard days work, or a bruising rugby game
Not to down a couple of Lion Red’s would simply be a shame
With the snarlers on the barbie, Lion Red in hand,
Stubbies and Jandals on, lets down another can.
Now that the weekend is over, I’m back to the daily grind,
But the taste of Lion Red lingers on my mind.
On Friday night when the week is done I often crack a few
Nothing beats a Lion Red beer, the best a man can brew
Lion Red it must be said is pure pleasure in a glass,
All other beers just don’t come near to this drop of Kiwi class.

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