Monteith’s – testing taste buds for ten years

From Monteiths:

Sharpen up your taste buds! The country’s longest-running beer and wild food festival is set to be served up at a restaurant near you again in 2007.

And in the event’s 10th year, the organisers of the Monteith’s Beer & Wild Food Challenge have some great new innovations on the menu.

The challenge for participating restaurants is to create a culinary sensation using a range of wild food. Wild food is defined as anything that is not traditionally raised on a farm.

All recipes must be expertly matched to one of the Monteith’s family of six ‘Classic’ craft brews, including Original Ale, Radler, Golden, Black, Celtic and Pilsner.

Participants will be entered in either the informal or formal categories depending on the type of outlet – restaurants and fine dining establishments in the formal, two-course category and places such as pubs and clubs in the informal single course category.

Innovations in its 10th year see the event expanded to cover 10 regions of New Zealand with 10 restaurants in each region being invited to compete. Last year the event was held in only eight regions and any restaurant or food outlet could enter. Nelson/Marlborough and Thames/Coromandel are the two new regions this year.

The Monteith’s Beer & Wild Food Challenge kicks off in the South island on July 15 and finishes on August 5 while the North Island start and finish dates are a week later respectively.

Full details of the Challenge (including menus) can be seen here.

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  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if the craft breweries partnered with restaurants and had a wild food challenge of their own?I might be more likely to go if I didn’t have to gag back Monteiths. 🙂

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