Hats Off to Hallertau

Most micro brewers I’ve met are what Barry Crump would have called “damn good bastards”. They tend to beaver away in relative obscurity, producing beers that are far better than anything the big names turn out. They are almost always friendly sorts, happy to share their knowledge and time with you. They get precious little recognition for what they do, so it has been great to see Stephen Plowman and his Hallertau brewpub recognised in this nice little piece in the Herald today.

I love Stephen’s beers. If you haven’t tried them, get out there and have a taste. You’ll love them too. Trust me, would I put you crook? 😉

One thought on “Hats Off to Hallertau”

  1. I second that. Stephen is truly a damn good bastard, always friendly and interested in talking beer, even when the place is packed to the gunwhales, which seems to be pretty much every time I make the trip. He’s also really quick to offer things to the budding brewer – grain, hops, use of his mill, he got a load of kegs and was/is selling them for next to no profit.The beers he brews are really good and there is nearly always a guest beer – not to mention his utterly drool-worthy beer fridge. Stephen is obviously a huge supporter of great beer in general. And as the article suggests, not a mainstream offering in sight.And he’s a SOBA sponsor. What more can you ask for. *****

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