Nonsense on Stilts

More strange stories today:

From NAMNEWSSales Of Hangover-Free Lager Rocket

A new hangover-free lager is taking the UK by storm. The 5% Peruvian brew called Cusquena uses a 100 year-old recipe and very few chemicals. It comes from the foothills of Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca stronghold but can now be bought in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and in First Class on Virgin Trains. The lager is forecast to be in the UK’s top 10 imported lagers by 2010.

A hangover-free lager? Guess it has no alcohol in it then.

Speaking of alcohol, the British Tories checked their diaries and noted they hadn’t said anything dumb in a few days and so came up with this:

From Talking Retail

The drinks industry has hit back at proposals by the Conservative Party to raise the tax on alcohol in a bid to tackle binge drinking. The Tories’ recommendations, from the Social Justice Policy Unit led by ex-leader Iain Duncan Smith, could see drinkers pay up to £400m a year extra in tax. Reports indicate this would mean adding around 3p to a pint of beer, 15p to a bottle of wine and 25p to a bottle of whiskey.

Glass Tip – For the title, Big Norm of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

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  1. Cusquena ‘taking the UK by storm’? Hardly. ‘Taking the Mickey by marketing-speak’ nearer the mark. There seems to be a viral campaign on the web in support of raising the profile of this beer. Don’t believe the hype – I’m sure it’s just style over content.

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