In print this month

From The Wellingtonian (reprinted with kind permission), a column on Belgian beers:

Charles de Gaulle once said that “Belgium is a country invented by the British to annoy the French.” Belgium is also the world’s most interesting beer nation.

In Salient, a most weather appropiate column on dark beers:

Just like an emo’s poetry, beers tend to get darker in winter.

However, unlike those self-obsessed scribblings, dark beers can be deep, rich and satisfying.

From The Free Radical (reprinted in the name of freedom, the editor does not do “kind”), a look at beers warming the globe:

When the rain lashes in sideways and the temperature is turning the local monkeys to brass, those kinds of cool quenching lagers lose much of their appeal. Instead, a beer drinker’s mind turns to deep, rich, satisfying beers designed to warm the palate and the soul.

This column is about beers for when the sun doesn’t shine.

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