Monteith’s New Zealand Lager has Fuggies in it

A full flavoured premium lager that has a clean, crisp taste with unique hop flavours. A blend of New Zealand grown hops of both local (Pacific Hallertau, Super Alpha) and European (Saaz, Styrian Goldings, Fuggies) heritage deliver a spicy, slightly fruity, late hop aroma character and refreshing bitterness to provide a clean finish on the palate.

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Don’t Independent Liquor have a beer called “New Zealand Lager“? Then again they probably don’t use the Fuggies.

9 thoughts on “Monteith’s New Zealand Lager has Fuggies in it”

  1. all those hop variety names and so little hop character!I guess it’s like a guy talking about how much sex he gets. The guys who are really getting it don’t have time to come up for air let alone talk about it.

  2. Have you tried Styrian Goldings? Apparently they are genetically a Fuggles hop but because they are grown in Slovakia they have a completely different aroma. I made a brew with them the other week and it made the whole street smell of zesty grapefruit and lemons

  3. It is available in monteiths concept bars tasting room, GP etc, dont know about bottleshops though.

  4. I tried it at one of the Montieths bars. Definitely tasted like Fuggies in there. Fuggies tasting like they’re not too distantly related to Huggies. Squeeze out a saturated Huggies and you’re about there.

  5. I didn’t know huggies came in an equine size.John – Styrian’s are indeed a fuggle derived hop, though from Slovenia/Austrian border rather than Slovakia. Both areas are known for wine, as well as hops. I’ve read that fuggles was too hard for the locals to pronounce so they just called them goldings! A lot of great beers use them.CheersStu

  6. ps. Willamette is another fuggles derivative, I think. Just goes to show how important the “terroir” is.I’d love to compare NZ maris otter with UK versions – if only someone would grow it!

  7. Shaun siad, Well Monteiths what gives you the right to promote NZ lager in the UK using the NZ icon Silver Fern. I note you do not own the silver fern Icon or the words,A clear infringment of my very own Intellectual property,I think they call this Passing off.Owner of the TradeMark Silver Fern.Shaun Allen

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