USDA Helping or Hurting Organic Beer Brand Naming?

I am very interested to see the brouhaha that is developing over whether most organic beers can legitimately claim being “organic” at all, not least because it turns out that “almost all U.S.-made organic beers contain hops that have been chemically treated to fight mildew and insects.”

…and others are trying to take advantage of a clause in the law that says just 95% of a product’s ingredients need to be organic to be classed as USDA Organic on the label.

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One thought on “USDA Helping or Hurting Organic Beer Brand Naming?”

  1. Lakefront Brewery’s Organic ESB was the first organic beer bottled in the United States in 1996 and has used 100% organic hops ever since the first barrel was brewed. We are on record in opposition to adding conventionally grown hops to the USDA/NOSB list. We took the longer-term view from the first day we brewed organic beer and are working with organic farmers to grow hops in Wisconsin again. We are disappointed in our colleagues that have chosen to go along with Budweiser in diminishing the credibility of organic standards.

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