Banking on the taste of a beer nation

Speight’s elevation has seen Lion Red, a brand the brewer has struggled to market effectively in recent years, repositioned as an upper-North Island beer, pegging it back to what has traditionally been its strongest market.

Pure is being pitched as a smoother drink than the traditional Steinlager, made entirely of New Zealand ingredients and free of additives and preservatives.

‘You’re even saying no to additives in your beer now’.”

MASH…”We got it from whoa to go in 11 or 12 weeks, which is pretty impressive for a big corporate like us.”

Former senior Lion executive Doug McKay is now Independent’s executive chairman and Kean’s predecessor as head of Lion Breweries, Julian Davidson, is working with McKay in a senior financial role.

One of Kean’s main challenges is dealing with a price war Lion is locked into with rival DB, a battle that led to beer prices hitting a 20-year low last Christmas as the companies jostled for market share.

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  1. I have a question, I have recently been told that Speights and Lion Red are in fact the same beer in different packaging, however I am sceptical. While they do taste similar, I am not convinced that they are in fact the same. Could you shed some light on this question if possible?

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