New beer aimed at the anti-politically correct

The flamboyant boss of a newly purchased West Coast brewery is aiming at a lucrative national market that sees around 350 million litres drunk each year.

Paddy Sweeny says the “Genuine Coast” brew is pitched at those who cannot swallow political correctness.

Watch the video from TV3

3 thoughts on “New beer aimed at the anti-politically correct”

  1. this guy is a dinosaur, and not only is his beer anti-PC but it is also anti-beer. what a dick. I guess that comes from living on the coast. funny to see all the people in the crowd, average age 55?, and that ladies comment “i don’t like beer but this is a lager”. what a total shame for beer that TV only pick up on fools like this.

  2. Yep – looks like average beer, average reporting, average publicity…At least he wasn’t promoting his beer with girls in bikinis! Bikinis, an umbrella and gumboots, I guess it would be, if you really want to 100% West Coast.

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