Salient Points

Here are the links to my two latest columns from Salient Magazine:

Discovering good beer – a look back on my beer drinking development:

My beer drinking career got off to a rough start with my first recollection being a slightly warm six-pack of Rheineck. This unpleasant experience certainly put my beer appreciation back several years.

Teenagers called Rheineck ‘weasel piss’, which was unfair. If my pet weasel passed Rheineck, I’d rush him to the vet


Beer the South should be proud of – An article about Emerson’s:

Brewers are, on the whole, extraordinary people. From just toasted grain, the flower of a vine, ordinary water and a single-celled organism, they can produce delicious, sweet, life-giving beer.

Given those ingredients, most people would produce soggy muesli which smells of wet grass, and tastes vaguely like bathroom mould. Or worse – Mash beer.

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