Wigram and Mata Beers Strike Gold

Press Release: Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA)
May 22, 2007

The Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) would like to extend a hearty congratulations to our award winning sponsor breweries, after some excellent results in the recent Australian International Beer Awards, Melbourne (http://www.beerawards.com) and New Zealand International Beer Awards, Nelson (www.nz-beer-awards.co.nz).

A special mention must be made of two of New Zealand’s smaller craft breweries: Christchurch’s Wigram Brewing Company picked up medals at both the Australian and the New Zealand events, including a gold medal and hugely coveted Best in Class for their German-style lager ‘Munchner Dunkel’ at the Australian awards. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Aotearoa Breweries of Kawerau picked up a brace in Nelson for their Mata range of beers, including a gold medal and Best in Class for their specialty honey beer ‘Mata Manuka’. Keep an eye these beers in your local bars, restaurants, bottle stores and supermarkets. If they are not in the fridges, then please request them.

Further congratulations goes out to two other well-known SOBA sponsors, who picked up a bag full of silver amongst them: Limburg (3 silver) and Steam Brewing (5 silver for their Cock and Bull range and further 2 for their increasingly popular Epic beers).

Of course, congratulations to all of New Zealand’s other award winning breweries whose continual strive for excellence helps ensure that there truly is a beer for every occasion.

While we are paying tribute to the brewers, we must also acknowledge one of our members, Bruce Holloway, for his award-winning article “My date with a few stale beers”. Bruce has been a long running advocate for great beer and it’s a privilige to have him as a member.

For more information on great beer, and SOBA member benefits, visit www.soba.org.nz

Brewery links:
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  1. hi everyone,sorry this is not an order but i would like to raise a glass to your fantastic beers and continued success. a great big HI to Esko and i look forward to our next drink together.best wishes. Darryl the Yorkshireman.

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