Monteith’s Doppelbock

Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale is on sale in supermarkets and liquor stores from July 2. Monteith’s expects the tradition of winter beers to be as strong as ever this year, especially on tap at its 19 concept bars that start pouring in mid-June.

Monteith’s Doppelbock Winter Ale differs slightly to the 2003 Doppelbock speciality release with a 6% alcohol content (previously it was 7%).

Doppelbock Winter Ale replaces the previous Monteith’s Winter Ale seasonal release which boasted cinnamon and clove flavour cues.

Doppelbock was last released by Monteith’s in 2003 for a limited time and since then has been the brew most often requested by beer lovers to be returned to the stable.

4 thoughts on “Monteith’s Doppelbock”

  1. From the BJCP styleguide:“Overall Impression: A very strong and rich lager. A bigger version of either a traditional bock or a helles bock.”I repeat, “a very strong and rich LAGER”. In case you missed it Mr Monteiths, LAGER. LAGER!Why oh why do you have to cock up an educational chance by calling a doppelbock a “winter ale”.

  2. I guess it is because the marketing people just use beer styles willy nilly. They never talk to the brewers, and least of all never drink anything else other than THEIR breweries beer.If you have never tried an actual Doppelbock, you shouldn’t be allowed to write a press release about one.Agreed, “sort your shit out Monteith’s/DB/Heineken”

  3. YalnikimThat’s optimistic! To be honest I can’t see it being anything other than their usual butchered attempt at a different style via the medium of about 15 tons of sugar. Cheap and nasty! But you’re right, deep down inside I’ll be hoping against hope that they’ve actually made a good beer….

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