AIBA 2007 – Breweries from New Zealand Results

Canterbury Brewery – Christchurch [1 x Silver]
Speight’s Distinction Ale – Silver

Cock & Bull – Auckland [5 x Silver]
Blue Goose – Silver
Buxom Blonde – Silver
Classic Draught – Silver
Dark Star – Silver
Fuggles – x
Monk’s Habit – Silver

DB Breweries – Auckland [1 Gold, 5 x Silver, 3 x Bronze]
Export Dry Beer – Silver
Export Gold Beer – Gold
Monteith’s Black Beer – Silver
Monteith’s Celtic Red – Silver
Monteith’s Golden Lager – Bronze
Monteith’s Original – Silver
Monteith’s Pilsner Lager – Bronze
Monteith’s Radler – Bronze
Monteith’s Summer Ale – Silver
Tui Beer – Bronze

Emerson’s Brewery – Dunedin [5 x Silver]
Emerson’s APA – Silver
Emerson’s Dunkelweiss – x
Emerson’s Oatmeal Stout – Silver
Emerson’s Old 95 – Silver
Emerson’s Pilsner – Silver
Emerson’s Taieri George – x
Emerson’s Weissbier – Silver

Epic Brewing Company – Auckland [2 x Silver]
Epic Pale Ale – Silver
Epic Mayhem – Silver

Founders Organic Brewery – Nelson [2 x Silver, 2 x Bronze]
Founders Fair Maiden Ale – Bronze
Founders Generation Ale – Silver
Founders Long Black – Silver
Founders Red Head – x
Founders Tall Blonde – Bronze

Limburg Beer Company
– Auckland [2 x Silver]
Limburg Czechmate Pilsner – Silver
Limburg Hopsmacker – Silver
Limburg Witbier – x

Limburg Beer Company – Hastings [1 x Silver]
Limburg IPA – x
Limburg Porter – Silver

Lion Breweries – Auckland [1 x Silver, 2 x Bronze]
Mac’s Gold Malt Lager – Bronze
Steinlager – Bronze
Steinlager Premium Light – Silver

Mac’s Brewery – Auckland [4 x Silver]
Black Mac – Silver
Mac’s Great White – Silver
Mac’s Hop – Silver
Mac’s Sassy Red – Silver

Martinborough Beer & Ales – Martinborough
White Rock Wheat Beer – x

Matson’s Brewery Ltd – Christchurch
Matson’s Classic Draught – x
Matson’s Gold Label Lager – x
Matson’s Premium Dark – x
Matson’s Premium Pilsner – x

Nelson Bay Brewery – Nelson [1 x Bronze]
Amadeus – x
Bengal Bitter – Bronze

Speight’s Brewery – Dunedin [1 x Bronze]
Mac’s Springtide – Bronze
Speight’s Gold medal Ale – x

The Croucher Brewing Company – Rotorua [1 x Bronze]
Hef – x
Pale Ale – Bronze
Pilsener – x

White Cliffs Brewery – Taranaki [1 x Silver]
Mikes Mild Ale – Silver
Mountain Lager – x

Wigram Brewing Co. – Christchurch [1 x Best in Class, 1 x Gold, 1 x Bronze]
Hefeweizen – Bronze
Munchner Dunkel – Gold / Best in Class
Propeller Lager – x

New Zealand Won:
1 x Best in Class
2 x Gold
29 x Silver
11 x Bronze

Congratulations to all breweries that achieved medals for their beers.

[results as per AIBA 2007 Results]

5 thoughts on “AIBA 2007 – Breweries from New Zealand Results”

  1. so what these results are saying is that the Aussie judges couldn’t find it in themselves to award any more golds to kiwi beers?

  2. What’s with the Speight’s from Canterbury, the Mac’s from Speight’s in Dunedin and Mac’s from Auckland. What kind of a world do we live in?

  3. The kind of world where Export Gold is not only considered a beer, but a gold medal winning beer at that.Sometimes I despair… but then I have a pint of Monk’s Habit and feel better.

  4. Limburg from Auckland and Limburg from Hastings too I notice. Did they enter old stock, or is there still a Limburg presence in the Hawkes Bay?

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