3 thoughts on “IPA – Yeah Right”

  1. Yeah…. what exactly is it? I presume it’s a bottom fermented lager like all other mainstream beers: Speight’s, Lion Red, etc. & coloured up with a wee bit o’ caramel??Where did the India Pale Ale claim originate from? One could say its highly misleading…..

  2. I had always though the “East” in “East India Pale Ale” was their in-joke. A subtle ironic ploy to help them sleep at night. Tui dark is labelled “West India Pale Ale”, further confirmation of their toungue in cheek approach to labelling.I guess they could label it after any style and it would do that style a dis-service, but being a fan of real IPA’s that image tickles my funny bone.

  3. i think that it has only been recently that the marketing dept have had any sense of humor or irony when it comes to there brand. Historically I don’t think anyone gave a crap or even knew what beer styles where.

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