Price of drinks going up soon – Lion Nathan

Lion Nathan says the price of a drink is going to go up soon as it cannot continue to absorb higher production costs any longer.

Managing director Peter Kean says the company has no choice but to pass on higher costs for manufacturing and distribution to customers. These include higher aluminum, glass, sugar and fuel prices and a recent increase in road user charges.

Between them they make up nearly 90% of New Zealand’s beer market.

From Radio New Zealand

[Ed. “…make up nearly 90% of New Zealand’s beer market” where does this statistic come from? or is it just the same figure thrown around for years by NZ’s media that can’t be arsed doing any real investigative journalism on the NZ beer market.

So what makes up the other nearly 10%?
Independent Liquor – ??%
Fosters – ??%
Imports – ??% (what % of Lion’s beer sales are imported beers?)
Micro Breweries – ??%

Or is it now more than 10%? ]

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  1. No mention that the high NZ Dollar might save them a bit on imported items – like that very essential ingredient – sugar !

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