Aussies teaching us a thing or two?

At first read, this seems like a bit of a “who cares?” article about VB going low-alcohol. Read on though for gems like this:

“Mid-strength and boutique beers are the new darlings of Australia’s $A5.5 billion beer industry, with 12 per cent annual growth against flat sales for mainstream beers.”

“New boutique breweries including Cascade, Boag’s and James Squire have won huge followings in most city pubs, while so-called microbreweries such as Little Creatures, Mountain Goat and Blue Tongue have lured drinkers away from VB in droves.”


“Hundreds of craft breweries are opening and aiming to rival small European makers, turning Australians away from traditional lagers and on to more complex beer styles.”

Oh yes… let’s, just for once, let the Aussies lead the way eh?

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One thought on “Aussies teaching us a thing or two?”

  1. Nice find Greig,“They will have a different brand for different occasions, if you’re out with a group of friends and you want to impress.”Another mass media article chock full of marketing wank about brand image, rather than how much better these botique beers taste, the reasons they taste better, anything educational.And can someone point out to me how making an already piss weak beer (VB) even more watery will push it’s market share up in the face of stiff competition from the craft beer sector?

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