Beer 101

Here are the two latest Salient columns:

“While telling students where to drink can be a bit like telling the French how to surrender, there are at least three valid reasons to provide you with some insider information about the best beer places and facts around town.”

Read the guide to drinking in Wellington here.

“The stereotypical student bar is not for the weak of heart or faint of liver. The massive booze barns of the past literally poured cheap beer and dodgy spirits down the throats of the sweaty masses who were busy indulging in the kinds of behaviours which would get them banned from most normal establishments.

Such bars were not without their charm but it was difficult to properly enjoy yourself when you were wondering what was the ankle deep liquid covering the entire floor. This happened to me in Waikato University’s Wailing Bongo Bar and the answer is that you really don’t want to know.”

Read more about student bars here.

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