Speight’s Great Beer Delivery

Speight’s announces the Speight’s Great Beer Delivery Salvation on its way to desperate kiwis in the UK… via Samoa, Panama, the Bahamas and NYC

Speight’s announced this afternoon the greatest epic its ever attempted – the Speight’s Great Beer Delivery. At a launch in Dunedin, South Island Regional Sales Director Neil Hinton, outlined the plan to take a Speight’s Ale House to London. By boat.

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7 thoughts on “Speight’s Great Beer Delivery”

  1. What are you guys talking about? Speights gold is an awesome beer it’s cold and fizzy and tastes GREAT! It’s got to be one of the best beers in the world and obviously the brewery has realised there’s no good beers in England and that it can cash in on that vacuum.

  2. I think speights is a great beer, It’s cold and fizzy with a great flavour. It’s pretty obvious there’s a lack of good beer in England so speights is filling the void with it’s mobile pub.

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