The Last BBIA? Bodega on market.

Kia ora beerlovers

BBIA this week could be one of the last as Fraser has put the Bodega on the
market. (15 years is enough it seems……)

Nonetheless – what we have in store this week is:

Emerson’s 1812 (from the handpump)

Schoferhoffer weiss
3 Boys Wheat
Moa Blanc

Kostritcher Schwarzbier
Renaissance Porter
Pink’s Imperious Rushin Stowt

Looks good, eh Tiger….

Same bat time etc etc


2 thoughts on “The Last BBIA? Bodega on market.”

  1. Sorry to be a pedantic Ex-German, but please get your spelling right! It is Koestritzer Schwarzbier and Schoefferhofer!!! Or what would you say if they would offer Krautscher instead of Croucher or Three Girls instead of Three Boys in germany?CheersPeter

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