Salient Beer Columns

This year I am writing a regular beer column for the Victoria University student magazine Salient. This allows me to write about beer for a very different auidience and make a few more jokes. Here are the columns to date:

Beer and Politics – find out which Cabinet Minister admits to loving Radler!

[Hint: It is not who you think!]

Summer beer – to help students look like they know what they are drinking

A review of Beerfest: The movie – Rocky IV with Lager!

A guide to what is not just cool, what is beer cool right now?

I warned you there would be more posts when I got Google blogger working!



Update 1: Broken links are not cool. So I fixed it. The beer cool link should now work.

Update 2: Forgetting to acknowledge the source of the computer picture below is also not cool. So – Belated Glass Tip – Kate.

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  1. Hahaha – Just as well I wasn’t using the same columns for each of the very different publication thinking they would never see the other!

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