Lion Nathan Gives Beer Drinkers the Ability to MASH

[Will MASH go the way of Hopper?]

Their new line up, dubbed “MASH”, offers three new brews that will be introduced in the New Zealand market shortly. The MASH lineup consists of MASH Golden Lager, MASH Citrus Lager and MASH Energy Lager. MASH Golden Lager is a smooth and refreshing beer, MASH Citrus Lager is similar, yet offers a hint of lime flavor and MASH Energy Lager contains guarana, a supplement used as an energy boost.

If this is the first and last time you hear about MASH, I’ll bet Lion Nathan gets a new marketing manager.

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9 thoughts on “Lion Nathan Gives Beer Drinkers the Ability to MASH”

  1. The first sentence on the linked webpage says:<>Around here, we love a fresh idea, especially when it has to do with our favorite beverage – BEER!<>I do not see what MASHhas to do with Beer? Do I miss something! On the other side, Lion Nathan is selling other beverages and call them “Beer”. When I saw MASH thie first time in the supermarket, I said to my wife: “It is going downhill with this country! Atleats if it comes to beer”CheersPeter

  2. Clear bottle and branded like an energy drink.Nothing beer about it, and shouldn’t be debated by beer aficionados for more than a nano-second.I predict it will stay on the shelf.Who is running that outfit anyway? Muppets.

  3. Ahhhh it’s great to see that Lion is really raising the bar for these shoddy craft beer brewers like Emerson’s, creating quality products with quality ingredients for the discerning public…..I really feel like basking in knowledge that I can drink a range of quality beer produced by Lion…..Lime flavoured guarana beer anyone?

  4. Press release states: “We can’t wait to see what the drinker does with MASH”That’s a challenge. Anyone want to take it up? A video of a bottle being poured down the loo, perhaps. Or maybe a pic of a horse drinking Monk’s Habit and pi$$ing out into a MASH bottle. I shouldn’t really say all this. It’s driven by consumer need, afterall, and maybe it’ll be really yummy. hmm…???

  5. driven by consumer need ?I don’t think any consumer is driving this .. it’s the brewery or their marketing wallahs going for brand differentiation

  6. At our local New World, Mash arrived and Limburgs Hopsmacker and Czechmate disappeared. I guess there wasn’t enough room for both and LN won. Crap.

  7. you’re shitting me alex?bloody hell that makes me furious. inexcusable. what is wrong with this country?instead of embracing beer and adopting a “craft” mentality LN are trying to make it something it doesn’t need or want to be. consumer driven? bollocks. yeah, they surveyed a bunch of ‘hip young things’ and they overwhelmingly stated that what their beer really needed was fruit juice and/or much did DB spend (waste) on hopper?craft beer is the only market showing significant growth, both here and internationally. hopefully ridiculous follies like this leave LN well behind the 8-ball when the distribution channels wake up and real brewers get the coverage they deserve.[/rant]

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