EPIC, the Beer Drinker of the Year, and a good shag!

Beer Drinker of the Year - Grieg McGill
[photo: Waikato Beer Drinker of the Year – Greig McGill]

On Wednesday 28th February at the Cock & Bull in Hamilton there was the inaugural Waikato Beer Drinker of the Year, which Epic sponsored. I was one of the judges along with Bruce Holloway who is the beer writer for the Waikato Times. Bruce has a recent article which covered this event as well as the New Zealand Beer Festvial

This is a fantastic couple of lines from his article:

But sole female entrant Denise had the best line of the night when asked to nominate her favourite beer.

“If I’ve been mowing the lawns an Export Gold is okay,” she said.

“But after a good shag I need an Epic.”

Epic is currently the sponsor of Tuesday Trivia Nights at the Cock & Bull pubs

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