Lion Nathan strengthens push into RTD market

Brewer Lion Nathan Australia (LNA) has bought Queensland-based brand Inner Circle Rum and its distillery operations to extend its push into the ready-to-drink (RTD) market.

Beer and RTDs “are both brand driven products requiring marketing investment and targeting a similar customer and consumer.”

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2 thoughts on “Lion Nathan strengthens push into RTD market”

  1. RTD’s should be taxed through the roof. I no longer consider watery mainstream beer the lowest common denominator in alcohol, these cheap sugary crappy drinks have clearly taken that position. In terms of alcohol related damage, they are the clear leader. People drink them solely for their bang for buck, and boy do they do the job. The late Michael Erceg, RIP, may have made his fortune on these and god knows he did a lot of good with his money, but I feel it’s been at great cost to New Zealand society.

  2. All that sugar they use… I guess this is a natural progression. Hell, Lion Red is so sweet, I thought it was already an RTD.To anonymous, above… not that I’d defend RTDs, but I don’t think you can blame them for teenage drunkenness. If they weren’t drinking those, they’d simply split the cost of “Count Pushkin” vodka-flavoured beverage, and get smashed on that. Don’t fall for the politicians lines on “the evils of (X) substance”. People are responsible for their own actions, and there will always be those who choose to act in a way that harms the rest of us. If you take away one means of doing so, they will simply find another.

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