Beer Drinker of the Year

Bruce Holloway, beer and sports writer for the Waikato Times has initiated the inaugural “Beer Drinker of the Year” Awards.

Hold on before you get too up in arms about this, it isn’t about who can drink 10 pints the fastest. It is about a cross section of beer knowledge, and experience.

The judging panel of Bruce Holloway, Luke Nicholas, and other judge(TBA), will be asking contestants to present their case for why they think they are the Beer Drinker of the Year.

Then contestants will be quizzed on topics like how beer is made, styles of beer, there may even be a line up of beers which contestants will have to taste blind and then name the brands.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a friend email

You will need to be present at the Cock & Bull in Te Rapa, Hamilton, at 7.30pm on Wednesday, 28th February 2007.

(Yes this is short notice and is currently only focused on the Waikato region, but next year we will be going further a field to hopefully cover the whole country)

Connoisseurs, raise your glasses

Looking at the brewing scene, it struck me that Australia and New Zealand already have more than enough worthy beer awards and competitions. And readers can make up their own minds on what’s good and bad anyway.

But there is a glaring gap in the market.
Beer awards tend to focus exclusively on the production side of the industry as opposed to the consumption side.

To redress the balance, I am proposing the inaugural Beer Drinker of the Year Competition.

This is an embryonic regional award to recognize the merits of a good beer drinker, as opposed to a good beer.

Mark of a good brew the quality of resulting burp?

Nominations for the inaugural Beer Drinker of the Year awards, sponsored by Epic Brewing Company and being held at Cock & Bull (Pukete) on Wednesday February 28 (7.30pm).

Want to enter? email

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