No More Beer Production Stats For New Zealand

So who was funding this?

With this gone and Beer Wines & Spirits now defunct no one will know how much beer is made in New Zealand.

Do you care?


Dear Sir/Madam,

As a recipient of the Beer Production survey data, I wish to inform you that as a result of changes to funding, Statistics New Zealand will no longer be collecting and publishing this data.

The September 2006 quarter (released 15/11/2006) was the last quarter to be published.

Kind Regards

Denise Carlson
Statistical Analyst
Business Indicators
Statistics New Zealand

Phone: (03) 964 8364
Fax: (03) 964 8759

One thought on “No More Beer Production Stats For New Zealand”

  1. I care, although with a qualification. I think with the addition of a category for “craft beer”, those stats would have been invaluable in tracking the rise of decent, well made beer against mass-market tastes-like-crap-but-gets-you-drunk beer. This is a really useful thing to know if you are, say, a member of a pro-craft-beer consumer advocacy group like SOBA! It’s a hard fight to be fighting in this country where not liking Lion Red is tantamount to treason, or worse, SNOBBERY! The loss of those stats removes a weapon from our arsenal. I’ve emailed Denise expressing my disappointment. If you care, please do the same. It only takes a minute.

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