Top 10 New Zealand Beers of 2006

Having been a bit busy of late, and everyone getting their top 10 beers list in already, I have finally compiled the official Top Ten New Zealand Beers of 2006.

Using the usual method of totaling up all the awards won from the three beer awards in Australia & New Zealand. I know that this method was controversial last year and probably will be again this year. The awards were given to the beers that were judged blind by multiple panels of experts.

So here is the Top 10 Beer

1. Epic Pale Ale – 1x Supreme Champion, 2x Best in Class, 2x Gold, 2x Silver
2. Monks Habit – Cock & Bull – 2x Best in Class, 2x Gold, 2x Silver
3= Macs Sassy Red – 2x Best in Class, 1x Gold, 1x Silver
3= Steinlager – 2x Best in Class, 1x Gold, 1x Silver
5. Limburg Olde Reserve – 1x Best in Class, 2x Gold,
6. Emersons Taieri George 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold, 1x Bronze
7= Alpine Ale – Dux de Lux – 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold,
7= Canturbery Draught 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold,
7= Mayhem – Epic 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold,
7= Speights Distinction Ale 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold,
7= White Rock Wheat – Martinborough 1x Best in Class, 1x Gold,

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 New Zealand Beers of 2006”

  1. Perhaps only awards for internationally recognised beer styles should count. The NZ specific categories are “sponsored” styles.I mean, c’mon, CD!!!???Hard to count the Nelson awards too, when three of the biggest breweries in NZ don’t take part. Will we count the Te Awamutu Folk Club’s blind tasting results too? Or Neil Miller’s Cellar-Vate tasting (if so, Invercargill Biman would have to be a unaway winner).I’d rather drink Kieran’s list.Slainte mhathStu

  2. “three of the biggest breweries” not “the three biggest breweries”.DB,Lion and Emerson’s.Though… I notice Lion actually entered Speight’s and Mac’s beers this year.

  3. Controversial is right. I’ve just got back from Christchurch and the friends I was staying with said that they’d read this and CD was in the top ten beers along with Mayhem. I nearly fell over and refused to believe him until I’d gotten some computer time to verify… Oh dear. Basically I agree with what Stu says – discount the sponsored categories for a fairer representation. I often wish those categories didn’t exist, as they do nothing to promote good beer uptake by “the masses” when said masses can point to a gold medal and say “but my beer won gold at your snobby beer awards”. It’s just bollocks and it has to go. If the big breweries can’t compete properly with accepted styles, they shouldn’t be allowed corn-and-caramel friendly styles to enter.

  4. Emersons is not one of the three biggest brewerys in NZ but it is a large brewer in NZ terms. Proportionatly its the equiviliant of a Regional Brewer in the UK, or a Searra Nevada in the US. Stu said “three of the biggest breweries” not “the three biggest breweries”.Im guessing Independant would be third, with Harringtons, Emersons, Steam/Cock and Bull coming in some order behind. if you counted all these as the biggest breweries along with DB and Lion you could choose any 3 and they would be three of the largest breweries in NZ. Ah the semantics. Fantastic. Kieran

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