3 thoughts on “A New Breed of Beer Drinker”

  1. I feel a bit sick after reading that. Somebody get me a Mayhem. Still, what can one really expect from a guy called “Lucien”?Now, I said previously I’d lighten up (no pun intended) on Mac’s if they made a beer that was actually good. Good is subjective, but I have at least found one of their range I like. Hop Rocker. Apparently it’s just the Reserve rebranded, but I get a lot more citrus/orangey notes from it than I ever did from the Reserve. It has a very nice sweet/bitter balance, and a pleasing mouthfeel. I’ve bought three six packs in the last week while waiting for my two batches of homebrew to condition, so it has passed the test for me. Now Mac’s… make some more, and for gods sake, fix Sassy Red! Who asked you to change it? Lucien? Screw ‘im.Right, I’m just going to nip down the salon for a blow wave and a perm, and perhaps buy a little something with one calorie to snack on.

  2. MAC’S: it’s no longer what you say about your beer, it’s what your beer says about you.So what are they saying about Mac’s? It is about tradition and the roots of the brewery, and Terry McCashin would be proud of the new branding?Or the corporate gay boys have got hold of the brand tried to make it girlie enough that girls might actually drink it, they are 50% of the market. Low carb, why bother, just drink water. If the big brewers would just realize that they are the ones that fucked their own market by making beer bland as water and hence losing drinkers to wine that has flavour and aroma.Get rid of the accountants and marketing department in the brewery and let the brewers make the beer.This article is so not what Macs needed, for the brand. The packaging was bad enough. At least the beer inside the bottle has improved some wot.

  3. All I can say is I hope Loocien and his mates ripped Lion nathan off big time, they deserve it after what they’ve done to macs.Put a public bar with leaners and jugs on every street corner, 1/4 acre sections and pavlova at Christmas, I’ll not let go my beer belly for any half-arsed marketing campaign 😉

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