Tui Beer – Hidden Message in New Tui Commercial

The new tui beer commercial that has been screening this year (the one with the boys sneaking into the tui brewery to steal the beer) has a hidden message at the end.

It says:
Bird watching is a pastime we all enjoy.
Now you can even get more of an eyefull, straight to your mobile phone.
Just text TUI to TUI (884).
Texts cost 20c per message

Tui have been well known for putting easter eggs in their ads, they had messages in one of their older ads saying thank you for taking your time to watch the ad.

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4 thoughts on “Tui Beer – Hidden Message in New Tui Commercial”

  1. Yeah very clever Tui but how about investing time and money into brewing decent beer instead of developing advertising campaigns to push a rubbish product?

  2. hi my name is simon and i do drink TUI i think that the hidden messages are good it makes you look out for the commercials and there fore makes you thik more of the product itself well done

  3. hey simon, maybe you should spend more time thinking about what you are drinking, like the flavour, and less time thinking about if you are drinking the right beer so your mates will like you

  4. bro, tui is the best cheap beer. your probably one of those fags that only drinks steinlager pure because it’s “the” beer to drink.

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