Nice bottle, shame about the beer

The first mistake I made, apart from buying the beer, was pouring it into a glass.

It is a beer that is made to be drunk from the bottle (at least you can look cool while you are drinking it).

The beer was a rich, golden yellow with a nice head that settled quickly to a watery wisp.

The nose was slightly sweet, with a hint of grain and maybe corn. It was fairly tasteless in the mouth initially, with just a hint of sweetness, and it was also almost devoid of flavour through the middle – perhaps with some malt character if I was being generous.

There was no evidence of hops in the finish – only some bitterness left in the aftertaste.

For a beer that looks so appealing, it was extremely disappointing to find it so tasteless. The lack of flavour can not be blamed on the pure filtering. This beer had no flavour from the start.

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