3 thoughts on “Duffy & Finn’s Arrives In The Auckland Region”

  1. “We’re catering for everyone from wine and whisky enthusiasts through to those just wanting the best deal on a dozen of beer.”Do I detect the absence of a mention in the above for beer enthusiasts? Despite D&F claiming to offer, “New Zealand’s largest range of wine, beer and spirits…” when it comes to beer I suspect Regional Wines will hold onto that title for a while to come!

  2. You are right, however the Wgtn D&F are the only liqour retailer I seen do a full page Newspaper advert with pictures of Limburg beers and listed prices of imports such as Youngs and NZ micros such as Founders, better than your average Mill or Liqourland.That qoute is pretty demeaning tho.

  3. I’ll continue to support my local store (Hamilton Wine Company) since they have the best selection I’ve seen. It’s also getting better soon as they are importing for themselves now, and will have a bunch of beers available that won’t be found anywhere else in NZ. Finally, a payoff for living in Hamilton! 😉 I’ll probably go up for a look though, as it’d be a shame not to at least check it out. It’s bound to be a whole lot better than your average supermarket. Wellington SOBA members who read this blog might have noticed a great deal from Regional Wines and Spirits (and Beer?) showing up on the SOBA sponsors page… That’s thanks to Kieran, so buy him a pint if you see him out around Wellywood!

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