Well, it’s been two and a half months coming, but SOBA are finally official!

We are now alive, well, and capable of taking your money and adding you to our growing force of dedicated beer advocates.

If you read this site, you are exactly the kind of person we need. Please consider signing up now.

Time to SOBA up!

2 thoughts on “SOBA Up!”

  1. Hi guys,I sent through my documents a while back and was awaiting bank a/c details.If I can get those from ou, you’ve got my money 🙂Cheers,Craig

  2. Hi Craig,The Bank a/c details are on the website, in the membership form. I’ve just updated it so it’s also available from the “Join” page. And to make it even easier, here it is again. 🙂ANZ – 01 0527 0079253 00Cheers,Greig.

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