Cruising around the capital

A solution is to combine drinking with walking, and that’s exactly what Wild About Wellington’s boutique beer tasting tour offers.

Hosted by organiser Jennifer Looman and local writer and beer expert Neil Miller, our small group was treated to a tasting of local and imported beers.

On our visit to Mac’s Brewery Bar, The Malthouse and the Leuven Belgian Beer Cafe, we sampled lagers, ales and everything in between.

At The Malthouse, 32 beers are on tap and about 80 beers are on the menu. During the tour, the beer is served in small amounts; however it would take some effort to polish off every glass.

But then, this isn’t a beer crawl, it’s an education.

For example, a boutique beer is distinguished by its focus on quality ingredients and a brewer’s “sense of art”.

While not a renowned beer drinker, I was soon describing beers like a pro.

“I like this beer’s brassy nose”, I caught myself saying at one stage.

While the beers certainly lived up to their billing, the hearty food and Neil’s informed talks were equal highlights of the tour.

A key thing to note about beer tasting is that, unlike wine tasting, you don’t spit out the product.

Bar staff get a bit miffed if you start spitting their beer out on the floor, Neil informs us.

Wild About Wellington also runs other themed tours including chocolate and shopping tours.

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