Mixed Reception for Monteith’s Baltic Porter

Geoff Griggs is not exactly gushing over Monteith’s Baltic Porter, in his monthly Capital Times column:

Sadly I also found the Monteith’s beer lacked the tarry texture, coffeeish bitterness and “burnt currant” notes and overall intensity that I was hoping for.

He does, however, insist that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you should judge for yourself.  

I found the Baltic a little lightweight and having the Monteith’s “house character” but it’s certainly more drinkable than the Tripel (Monteith’s other recent special release).  Meanwhile, a third placing at Neil Miller’s September Cellar-Vate tasting, much to one RealBeer writer’s chagrin, proved the Baltic Porter to be a reasonably popular winter warmer with the educated masses.

One thought on “Mixed Reception for Monteith’s Baltic Porter”

  1. Chagrin is right Stu. I had another last night, in the interests of giving it a fair go, and all I can taste is banana and sugar. Knowing Monteiths, if they made a hefeweizen, it would be the only beer that <>didn’t<> have any banana esters present. Blech. The only good thing I have to say about it is that it’s the best of their range for me so far. That’s probably not much of a complement though.Am I being too tough?

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