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The Down Under fundamentals [part 1]

Back from my travels with much to report. After Singapore the rest of my time was spent in New Zealand. I was quite surprised that it has a wide and varied brewing culture very unlike its larger neighbour across the Tasman Sea. Small breweries abound, and the variety of product is impressive. I think I scratched the surface by trying seventy different beers, so it’ll take me a few posts to get through them all. This one is about the basics.

Miscellaneous kiwis [part 2]

New Zealand certainly has no shortage of breweries. As well as several big players and a couple of brewpub chains there are innumerable small-to-middle-sized operations all making a surprisingly wide range of beers. In the time I was there I could only hope to get a taster of what was on offer from these breweries, and with several I only managed to try one of their beers. So before I moved on to the breweries I am most familiar with, this post is about the individual beers whose stablemates never reached me.

More beer from Aotearoa [part 3]

Where was I? Oh yes, small New Zealand breweries. “Small” covers a sizeable range, however, so I’ll try to do this with some sense of scale.

And so to the pub [part 4]

Right, that’s your lot from NZ. Long may its varied beer culture thrive.

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  1. Man did that make me cringe. Good to know that Green Man Bitter is the most bitter beer in the country and that Speights Gold Medal Ale is a step away from the industrial side of things.

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