Best of Beer and the Worst of Beer

Well, I have finally recovered from the terrible news that 4% of the US hop harvest was destroyed by fire and the European hop harvests are expected to produce low alpha hops.

I’m beginning to wish Al Gore never invented Global Warming and just stuck to inventing the internet…

Anyway, here are some new links:

Best of Brew NZ Beer Tasting at Cellar Vate

Results of a beer tasting at SKM

And an article about how Europe’s second-highest court yesterday dismissed a case taken by German brewer Bitburger Brauerei against US rival Budweiser over the right to use the word “Bud” as a trademark.

Apparently, Budweiser was arguing that people wouldn’t confuse its product with Bitburger just because the names were similar.

I’m sure they used the exact opposite argument against Budvar!

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  1. The Baltic Porter style was explained (as was the variance from style).It’s a popular vote so people are voting for what they like rather than how close to spec it is.

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