SOBA – Beer for all the right reasons

On Sunday, the Society Of Beer Advocates (SOBA) was officially launched at the Great New Zealand Beer Show.

SOBA describes itself as an independent, non-profit society whose main aim is promoting a wider availability of better quality beer

Their website states:

We are advocates of finely crafted, flavourful beers. We like beers which have character and individuality. We want the kind of recognition for our beverage of choice that wine currently enjoys, but we don’t want to be snooty about it – we just want better product, and more of it available in more places. We do not ask for much!

We have the following goals:

To promote awareness of beer in all its flavour and diversity
To protect and improve consumer rights with regards to beer and associated service
To promote quality, choice and value for money
To campaign for greater appreciation of traditional crafted beer
To seek improvements in all licensed premises and throughout the brewing industry
To act as an independent resource for both the consumer, the pub trade, and the brewing industry”

Membership details are on the website and you can sign up for the mailing list here.

I’m a member…

Cheers Neil

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