Swill Cutlure plus hysterical hype

Councillor wants Dunedin bottle ban

31 August 2006

A Dunedin councillor has called for the banning of bottled beer in the city, saying such a move would deprive the “Hizbollah of the South” from a supply of missiles.

Cr Lee Vandervis has proposed the new bylaw to curb street violence, which led to 56 students getting arrested two weekends ago, the Otago Daily Times reported.

“Getting rid of the of the missiles would obviously be a very sensible thing to do. It would save hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean-up costs and, most importantly, improve safety on the streets,” he said
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8 thoughts on “Swill Cutlure plus hysterical hype”

  1. I saw it on the news yesterday. What I don’t get is, how can this teach people responsible drinking? And why was this offical bashing the liquer shop owners? It is the same as it is with the dog chipping. This does not prevent people from getting drunk! This is what they should work on! The university should kick out every student who gets charged with drinking. But hey! Stop! Then they would lose the money! Bummer!

  2. rogerpeternz – agree with you and jaytee, Imagine a 1.250 litres [full] of Emersons Bookbinder, no sharp edges but for 3.8% a lot of wallop. most of the students were from Canterbury [ Go Otago ]Rogernz

  3. For drinking that weasel’s piss that is Speigths then plastic will do quite nicely. My fear is that Emerson’s brewery is North of the Octagon and it would be a huge crime if I had to drink that nector of the gods out of plastic. Hey, what would I know, I’m a student? http://www.humanriff.blogspot.com

  4. Typical overreaction from another Otago councillor out of touch with reality. The majority of students in this party were from Canterbury which tends to show that even they cannot find a decent enough drop in CHCH and have to come to Otago for the finer stuff (of which they cannot handle)Students will be students!

  5. Emerson’s was only available in plastic for a short while. And it tasted quite fine…This same sort of over the top reaction occurred in Glasgow, where they tried to ban glasses in bars (because of a few incidents). The ban fell over and everyone is still drinking out of glass.

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