Wines for Swines

Even the world of wine suffers from the same kind of media buffoonery that is typically reserved for beer writing.  

Swirling the glass helps you get a good sniff – and can also make you look a bit of a wanker…

Don’t miss your chance to make bawdy comments about the wine’s “legs”.

Why do these idiots insist on leaving out the decent information on how to get the most out of your wine, while inserting so many inane humourless jokes?  I guess it’s to shield the fact that they are writing an article on something that they know very little about.  How about some answers in the article (e.g. Why do we swirl the glass?  What causes the “legs”? What sort of glass is best? What temperature should you serve at?).

It’s always interesting to see that these puff pieces often have no author attributed.  This one, at least, has a source – Sydney Morning Herald.  The editor should be ashamed, as should Stuff for publishing this on their site.

Full story.  Or for more worthwhile read: a full article on how to rate beer.

Slainte mhath

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