Where to stumble to…

I’ve updated maps.realbeer.co.nz so that it looks a bit nicer and differentiates between different types of venues. There have been a lot of changes to the underlying map service, and all the coordinates have had to be converted. I’d really appreciate any feedback, corrections, or additions.

There are some cool features planned, but I’d like to get the locations as accurate and as complete as possible before unleashing the next version.

Edit: Blogger just ate my comments, so thanks to Ian for the catch, and to James in Wellington for reminding me about Bodega, Bar Edward, and the Malthouse, as well as Rumbles. Keep ’em coming.

3 thoughts on “Where to stumble to…”

  1. Nice catch, thanks Ian. There might be a few of these, as I ran all my old coordinate data through a program I wrote to convert – and programs I write should have pest control called in on them – buggy! πŸ™‚Fixed.Also, glass tip to James in Wellington for reminding me to update the Wellington section to include Bodega, The Malthouse, and Bar Edward, as well as Rumbles Wines.

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