Old Speckled Hen Loses Weight

The famous speckled one is about to lose some weight, it seems: Greene King is lowering the alcoholic strength of Old Speckled Hen from 5.2 per cent to 4.5 per cent in a bid to boost sales.  By dropping the ABV, the team behind the changes expect that drinkers will see it as more accessible and less as an occasional treat.
I’m not sure at all how this will work but: Greene King has promised that while the alcohol content of Old Speckled Hen will be lower, the taste, ingredients and brewing process are not altered.
See the full story at The Publican.

Here’s hoping that Cock and Bull Monk’s Habit, Emerson’s Bourbon Porter, Renaissance Stonecutter, Galbraith’s Resurrection and other New Zealand strong beers don’t follow suit.

3 thoughts on “Old Speckled Hen Loses Weight”

  1. That’s a shame, the beer’s strength was originally intended to mirror the engine capacity (5.2 litres) of the old MG car that gave the beer its name.And as for “Speckled Hen Smooth”, now doesn’t that sound appealing! ;-(

  2. Old Speckled Hen is not reducing its percentage alcohol for the beer intended for export. In New Zealand the beer will remain at 5.2%.RegardsMark Dillon (Brand Manager)

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