New Zealand beers hop over to Shanghai

We understand it’s kind of sad, but we have to admit to getting a little excited when we learn of new foreign beers arriving on the Shanghai market. So we read with curious interest these two stories about two New Zealand beers that have washed up on our shores. The brewery is DB Breweries, a big outfit that owns the likes of Heineken and Amstel. The beers they are sending to Shanghai are Tui and Monteith’s Original Ale. Here are the commercial descriptions for the two beers:

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3 thoughts on “New Zealand beers hop over to Shanghai”

  1. “Brewed since 1889, Tui typifies typical kiwi humour.”That is quite funny in itself.

  2. DB are a fully owned subsidiary of Asia Pacific Breweries (APB) makers of Tiger Beer. The Heineken connection comes through Heineken’s shareholding in APB. DB are at the end of the food chain not the beginning.

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