The Great British Beer Festival – One man’s view

Revolution a-Brewing
By Andrew Ian Dodge

“Earl’s Court in London has seen many a famous rock and pop gig. Last week, the venue hosted the Great British Beer Festival, an event I visit every year to sample beers from all over the UK and beyond. But the GBBF is more than just a big beer-tasting party; it’s a mass rebellion against the regulatory monsters the UK and EU have become.

Beer drinkers don’t hold marches or have demos in central London to get attention. They merely get together, enjoy themselves and let the rest of the world alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if the regulators and teetotalers returned the favor?”

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2 thoughts on “The Great British Beer Festival – One man’s view”

  1. And what a great festival it was. Very positive and too many brewers to visit. Scary thing was the popularity of the cider tents. Hundreds lined up for cider for many hours on the last day.. they had simply run out and had to rush a huge batch in, only for it to be gone in 2/3 hours!

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