Beer Polling

Just received this from a concerned reader:

“I was rung up by [a large survey company] for a beer survey last night. They asked me what beers I had drunk in the previous week but refused to note down anything other than the output of Lion, DB, Mac’s and Monteith’s. I was trying to put across that I had drunk Emersons, Tuatara, Limburg, Cock and Bull but they weren’t interested…”

Does anyone know if this common practice?

2 thoughts on “Beer Polling”

  1. It is quite common, largely because Lion & DB only see each other as a threat….for the moment there are still many (great)minnows out there, and in the long run, some of the minnows will grow and become a major threat, then they’ll then start researching a new list of brands! In this case they’ll be looking for something specific and in this case detail on the Monteith’s vs Mac’s battle… Lion in trouble with Mac’s in my opinion. Very confused puppy with brewers against marketeers. I suggest you simply refuse to acknowledge any of the limited range of brands and close the interview. And please, do all the other great Craft-beers outside Lion & DB’s stable a favour; ask for them wherever you see the limited DB/Lion range. Craig Cooper, Limburg

  2. If you were feeling evil you could profess to have tried them but rejected them as ‘undrinkable’, ‘toxic’, ‘insipid’, ‘pathetic’, etc. Confuse the issue by admitting that perhaps one was ‘not too bad’ so they don’t reject your opinion as a jackup.

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