Now We’re Cooking…

Beer isn’t just for drinking, as these recipes demonstrate.

Food and beer – does one go with the other, or the other with one?  Recent debate at the RealBeer forum was divisive.

This ‘Cooking with Beer’ article, at Stuff, doesn’t really demonstrate all that much.  It mostly shows us that the NZ media tends to prefer re-hashing something from Australia, rather than forking out a similar amount of cash for something more local, inspired and relevant from the likes Geoff Griggs or Neil Miller.

Oh well, I guess it’s better than no article at all and at least they steered clear of that most famous of beer adjectives: “swilling”.  Carl Hadler, via the same site, proves that there is something original happening in the NZ food and beer matching scene.  Let’s see more please.

Slainte mhath

3 thoughts on “Now We’re Cooking…”

  1. Not only does the Shepards Pie recipe call for beef mince rather than lamb, but it goes on to recomend using pilsner $%!@#!&?! Oh dear. Its like recomending Lea and Perrins for a stir fry.

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