Two More from Three Boys

A few months back I spent a late-summer afternoon tasting the first three beers for the Three Boys Brewery and then used this forum to help spread the word.  In the last month or so I’ve tasted the latest two releases from the same brewery – an American-styled IPA and a limited-release Oyster Stout.

The golden IPA is rose-tinted with hints of honey, lemony herbs and strawberry on the nose.  It’s well balanced, in the mouth, with a touch of grapefruit, more herbs, a delicate sulphurous yeast note and a long bitter finish.  It’s a very well made IPA that is not too challenging – this could well make it a big seller.  

The inky Oyster Stout has a burnt nose with an underlying caramel sweetness.  The same malt characteristics show through in the mouth, where it’s a little light for me, and are followed by an exceedingly long roasty finish.  Nice plummy notes linger with a woodiness on the palate.  Like the Porter, I’d like to see a little more bulk in the malt department to balance the roasty notes.

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Slainte mhath

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