Germans not happy about Budweiser

Dish water. Insult to your tongue. The american »beer« Budweiser has faced many – mostly desperate – descriptions. »Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup ´06 in Germany« was usually not amongst them. Sadly enough, this expression is as true as all the others since the american »brewery« Anheuser-Busch will be the official »beer«-supplier for the football World Cup this year. An insult to all true beer lovers, taste buds and football-fans.

What have we become? Self-denial for 40 million US-Dollars? What are our children supposed to think of us?

»A time to make friends« – with a bud in our hands?!

However, we won’t give up without a fight. United we’re strong. Your voice does matter. Become part of the BudOut-Community and send us a picture with you anti-bud-message. Two minutes of your life for the good taste. Two minutes of your life for a better future.

Be into beer.

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