The Beer Passport – Gateway to Good Times

There is an interesting new beer promotion running at Leuven – Wellington’s Belgian Beer Cafe and a personal favourite.

The brainchild of Todd Hunter, Leuven have produced a nifty little beer passport called “Tour de Bieres Belges” or the “Great Belgium Beer Tour”.

Looking a bit like a real passport (but enough to worry those nice people at the Passport Office), it promises a “wet your whistle stop tour of Beligum”. I have passport 003. No one is really surprised.

Basically, you get your passport stamped each time you try a beer. Collect a stamp for every beer in the range and you win a beer appreciation pack worth $50.

There are 24 beers to sample – the passport wisely says “In the interest of public order, we suggest your passport will take more than one visit to be fully stamped.”

So what is in the beer appreciation pack? Well, I don’t know. I haven’t filled my passport – yet.

2 thoughts on “The Beer Passport – Gateway to Good Times”

  1. I’m 018, with a Forbidden Fruit and an Orval stamped. The stamps make me feel like some stoemp.Leuven have just started stocking Rodenback Classic too, a pleasant and reasonably unchallenging sour ale. Apparently I was the only one ordering the Grand Cru so they stopped stocking it – fair enough, one visit every few months isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire.

  2. I used to order Rodenbach Grand Cru . Although that was about twice a year. It didnt help that the staff were known to advise that it tasted like vinigar. Not a the most positive sell.

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