Mt Eden Mecca

I’ve only just heard the old news that one of Auckland’s few beer havens, Galbraith’s Ale House, is also now also serving Emerson’s award winning Pilsner and Maris Gold on tap.  Alongside the fantastic house range of ales and lagers it makes for a very tempting line up indeed.  It just gets better and better for those lucky locals at Mt Eden.  All I need now is a teleporter.

Emerson’s and Galbraith’s – both too busy creating great beer to bother updating their hopelessly out of date websites.

3 thoughts on “Mt Eden Mecca”

  1. Perhaps I should get off of my arse, and add some more functionality to the beer haven map, so that it lists bars, and can be updated by people with what’s currently being served?

  2. As a still active CAMRA member I’ve been gradually working on something along these lines, since my arrival over here, last year. I get about the country a bit with my work but the amount of time in each place limits my chance to locate craft brewer outlets, beyond their own bars. I have found that one or two brewers, when approached for details of outlets, seem to be a little reticent to pass on this info – whether this is due to the big guys possibly shuting them out, I don’t know. I’d be very happy to join in with you/others to try and put together a NZ Good Pub/Beer Guide.

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