Amstel Light setting its sights on 50%

” Amstel Light is continuing its march upwards with latest figures showing the brand’s share of the light beer market to be at a staggering 46.9 %, up 6.6% from June 05. “

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[Total beer market around 320 million litres, light beer category is around 1.5% of the total market – 4.8 million litres. Hence this gives Amstel Light 2.25 million litres (up 150,000 litres)]

[Please post a comment if you have more accurate figures]

3 thoughts on “Amstel Light setting its sights on 50%”

  1. If the light ber market isn’t growing, then I guess it must be.Another case of Lion allowing an import to supplant New Zealand brands (isn’t Stella outpacing Steinlager ?)Are we losing our beer identity ?

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