Wellington Wanderings

Recent wanderings around Wellington have unearthed some nice changes at The Malthouse and continuing quality at my old favourite Bar Edward.

The Malthouse has upped the ante recently. I’ve always found the beer quality to be a little sub-standard but this is well and truly on the up. Alongside this are a few new players on tap (Founder’s Tall Blonde, Cock and Bull Monk’s Habit, Hofbrau Maibock are all tasting very nice), their always wonderful range of bottled beer and a very good menu – I definitely recommend the pizza. All we need now is some better glasses to drink these wonderful beers out of, though if that happens I may find it hard to drag myself out of the place.

My pick of Wellington bars, for being full of friendly punters, for it’s continuing commitment to great quality NZ beer and their uncompromising keg, line and glass management, is Newtown local Bar Edward. It’s a bit out of the way but there are buses heading out there every five minutes and there’s plenty to look at, to do, and to eat in Newtown. The bar has had Founder’s Tall Blonde plus Limburg’s Witbier and Hopsmacker on tap, as recent guests, to go with the permanent options of Emerson’s Bookbinder and the always under-rated Tuatara range (Pilsner, Pale Ale, Porter and Hefe at present). The bottled range is always changing but there is always a very good range of NZ craft beers, the mainstream options and a few “imports”. They’ve also recently employed a new chef and they already make the best chips in town (though go easy on the aioli if you’ve got an important date later!).

Rumours, of new taps about town, yet to be confirmed in person:

  • Boon Kriek at Bodega. A nice addition to what is already a fantastic beer range.
  • Emerson’s Bookbinder and Pilsner at a new bar where Rouge used to be (corner of Cuba and Ghuznee).

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